About: Find Your Happiness

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About Corrina Thurston


I'm a professional wildlife artist, entrepreneur, consultant, speaker, and author. I've written two art business books for other artists and creatives, and have another book, How To Crush Self-Doubt and Gain Real Confidence, in the works for release later in 2020. 

Why I Created: Find Your Happiness
There are certain things we're not taught in school, but perhaps we ought to be. Things like happiness. Things like stress management. Things like how to deal with anxiety. 
I put together this website to do just that: to help teach you those things. 
What we come to believe growing up is that happiness is based on our circumstances. Better circumstances = a happier person. But that's not true. Those who are in the best circumstances can still suffer from depression and anxiety, and those in the worst circumstances can still be happy. 
So if it's not circumstances, then what is it? 
Happiness starts from within. It starts in your body with chemicals and your own mindset. It forms from your daily habits and how you choose to see the world. Yes, choose. You may not realize it (I certainly didn't), but you can train yourself to be happier. You can train yourself to better manage your depression, anxiety, and low self-esteem. 
And it's not as overwhelming or as difficult as it might seem. 
Trust me, I'm living proof. 
I've been chronically ill for over a decade, since I was 18 (in 2008). For over six of those years I was completely debilitated and was mostly bed-ridden. We thought I was dying and I thought I was nothing but a burden on my family. In excruciating pain 24/7, unable to sleep, hallucinating, shaking, unable to concentrate, having panic attacks, with absolutely no social life, along with no diagnosis and therefore no light at the end of the tunnel...
A couple years into this misery, I became suicidal. 
I had no hope. I felt I had nothing to live for and nothing to give. I mistakenly thought taking my own life might put my family out of their misery having to live through it with me. What purpose did my life have? 
Now, thanks to my own training, I haven't had a full-blown panic attack in a number of years despite the fact that I now get up in front of crowds to give speeches, teach workshops, do consulting, etc. I'm also happier than I ever thought possible. Having suffered from depression since I was 8 years old, I thought my depression was a part of me, part of who I was. I thought I was as happy as I could be, but it turned out I didn't know what happiness really was. Everything was clouded out by the thick heavy curtains of depression, and I didn't see what it was really like, what life could really be like, until I was able to pull those curtains aside and see the world without them. 
I wish someone had taught me this in school. I wish I'd known about these techniques earlier. 
That's why I made this site. That's why it's now my mission to help teach others these tips. 
Whether you're young or old, no matter what your circumstances, YOU CAN BE HAPPIER. Let me help you find your happiness. 
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